Frequently Asked Questions


+ So you're located in Canada, eh?
Heck yes we are! We're based out of Kitchener, Ontario, and we proudly work with businesses all over North America. We apologize in advance for all the times we might say "sorry" to you.
+ Do you manufacture or design packaging?
We do both! We focus primarily on manufacturing printed packaging, but we also have a large roster of designers. You can read more about our design services here.
+ What products can you make?
Anything your heart desires! Well, kind of. We specialize in paper products like paperboard boxes, corrugate boxes, bags, cups, and wax paper, and cold cups. We have access to a large network of factories, which means that we can play the role of source-erer on your behalf (haha). If there's something specific that you're interested in within our realm of expertise, we'll do our best to find it for you.
+ Why Georgette?
We're a one-stop shop for all things packaging and design related.



+ Where are your products manufactured?
We do our absolute best to work with manufacturers in North America! Paperboard and corrugate boxes are made in Canada, bags and cold cups are made in the United States, and cups and sleeves are made overseas.
+ What are the minimum order quantities?
It depends on the item! We pride ourselves on offering exceptionally low minimums. All of the minimums are listed on individual product pages. The first quantity that you see listed will be the minimum for that particular item.
+ What are the lead times?
It depends on the item! Paperboard boxes and bags are generally 4-6 weeks after the approval of artwork. Cold cups and paper are 5-6 weeks. Hot cups and sleeves are 12-14 weeks. Corrugate boxes are 1-2 weeks. Specific lead times are listed on individual product pages, we'll always keep you posted with an updated and accurate ETA as soon as your order is made.
+ Are your products recyclable?
We're so glad you asked! We make both recyclable and compostable products. We created an entire page to help answer this question, because an FAQ page doesn't quite give it the attention it deserves. Click here to read more about our packaging and the environment.
+ Are your products grease resistant?
Our pastry bags are grease resistant, and we've done lots of experiments with different products to verify this. Paperboard and corrugate boxes are not grease resistant. We always recommend testing your product inside a sample box to see if it will show grease. If you have a product that's showing grease and you'd like to make it more grease resistant, we recommend using a sheet of wax paper in the bottom of the box. We offer different types of wax paper with varying levels of thickness and grease resistance, and we'll guide you in the right direction depending on your needs. A side note: we've done some testing, and we find that kraft wax paper typically shows more grease than white paper, so keep that in mind!
+ Is the ink you print with food safe?
Yes! All of the inks that we print with are soy-based. The ink is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved which means that it's safe for indirect contact with food. However, we don't recommend printing on the inside of a box or bag, or anywhere where food will be directly in contact the ink for a prolonged period of time. Glue is also vegetable-based, and coatings are water-based.
+ Help! I need a box size that isn't listed on your website.
First off: that isn't a question. Secondly: chill. We got you. We can make almost any size and construction of paperboard (folding) or corrugate box. We can also make custom bags! For a custom quote and some help from one of our consultants, email with a description of what you're after. Please include dimensions, quantities, pictures, and any other information that would be helpful.
+ Help! It's my first time ordering branded packaging, and I have no idea how this works!
Once again: we've got you covered. This is our area of expertise; or wheelhouse, if you will. Georgette has built a team of packaging gurus, including consultants who have assisted with packaging projects for countless clients just like you, and a designer who is specifically focused on packaging design. Our job is to guide you every step of the way and make the best recommendations based on our experience. Whether it's deciding on the dimensions and construction of your box, to choosing the perfect Pantone for your cups, there's someone on our team who would love to help you. You can call us, email us, text us, slide into our DMs, send us a letter via carrier piegon, etc. You get the picture. One-on-one contact is kind of our thing.
+ What's the difference between standard sizes and custom sizes?
The only difference between standard and custom paperboard boxes is that we've already purchased the die for our standard sizes. All of the boxes listed on our website are standard sizes. If you're looking for a size/style of box that isn't on our website, this is considered a custom size. You have the ability to customize the dimensions, construction, whether or not you have a window, etc. The sky is the limit! There's a one time custom die fee of about $1,000 because we need make a special cookie cutter to punch out your exact box!



+ Do you ship internationally?
Yes and no. We handle all shipping to Canada and the United States, and our website pricing includes shipping to mainland North America only (excluding Alaska and Hawaii. We can still ship there, but we have to price things out a little differently). If you’re someplace else, we would still love to work with you! We just ask that you organize shipping for your order. We’ll provide you with weight and dimensions of your order, and you can arrange for UPS, FedEx, or Canada Post to pick up your shipment.
+ How does everything get shipped?
We ship everything on 40x48" wooden pallets secured with saran wrap. The number of pallets that we use to ship your packaging depends on the items and quantities that you've ordered. Our operations manager, Sarah, will be in touch with you prior to your shipment release to go over the number of pallets, weight, and size so that you know exactly what you'll be receiving and when. We offer outside delivery, which means that you'll need to manage it once it comes off the truck. Make sure you have some friends (preferably strong ones) to help get everything from the truck into your shop or warehouse on delivery day!
+ What's the difference between a residential and a commercial address?
Residential addresses are designated as living space, and commercial addresses are for business / commerce. We can only ship to commercial addresses because big trucks can't go down residential streets!
+ What the heck is a tailgate?
Google says: a hinged flap at the back of a truck that can be lowered or removed when loading or unloading the vehicle. We say: a tailgate is necessary when you're unloading large quantities of boxes, cups, or bags (things can get heavy). If you don't have a loading dock at your shop location or warehouse, a tailgate must be included in your shipment. We'll always ask about loading docks and tailgates before shipping out your order, to make sure your shipment is as seamless as possible.
+ Can you help with storage?
We sure can! We offer storage at our warehouse for $75 per month, per skid. This is a great, affordable option if you're tight on storage space (hello, NYC clients!) and would like the flexibility to ship your products gradually. We also offer a combined storage and financing plan with a monthly 3% financing/storage fee. We can store for you for up to 6 months, and you only pay for the quantities that you ship. You can read more about our storage plans here.
+ What are my payment options?
We accept credit, cheque, and wire transfer. We require a 50% deposit before going into production, and the remaining 50% is to be paid before we ship out your products. If you'd like to spread out your payments, we offer a 6 month financing plan with a monthly 1.6% financing fee. With this option, you only need to place a 16% deposit on your order prior to production, and your monthly payments are 14% of your order total beginning after your first shipment. We also offer a combined storage and financing plan with a monthly 3% financing and storage fee. We can store for you for up to 6 months, and you only pay for the quantities that you ship. You can read more about our payment plans here.



+ What design services do you offer?
GP Design offers a whole range of design services in-house, from file formatting to full packaging design. The rate is $150 per hour, so you only pay for the work that you need. You can learn more about GP Design here, and get in touch with our designer, Lucy, at if you have any questions or want to get started with a consultative call!
+ What if I want to work with my own designer?
We won't be offended. As much as we would love to design for each and every customer, some of them already work with their own in-house designer or agency. Even if you aren't working with Lucy on design, she'll be involved in the artwork process to help get your files press-ready.
+ What the heck is a custom die?
A cookie cutter that punches out a particular type of box. Seriously, that's the best way to describe it. All boxes have their own die based on dimensions and construction. If you're ordering a custom box you'll have your very own custom die made, and it will literally last you a lifetime.
+ What the heck is a dieline?
A flat, two-dimensional template for your packaging artwork! All artwork must be designed on the correct dieline before going to press. You can download templates for our standard items here
. If you're ordering a custom item, we'll send you a custom dieline!
+ What the heck is a Pantone?
Pantone is the name brand for the universal colour matching system used in the printing industry. We always print with Pantones, which ensures an exact colour match. We can print neon, metallic, and pastel Pantones, too! In those cases, we'll provide you with a custom quote because these Pantones cost slightly more to print with. If you're working on picking out your Pantones, you can borrow a Pantone swatch book from us, or you can pick a colour that you love and we'll help you match it to a Pantone. Fun fact: each year, Pantone announces a "Colour of the Year."
+ Will I receive a proof before production?
Yes, you will receive a final PDF proof for review before going into production. Once your artwork is submitted, Lucy will check over your files to ensure that they're press ready. Because the dieline is two dimensional (and packaging is not) it can be tricky to visualize where everything should be situated. Lucy will be on the hunt for things that look misplaced, or potentially upside down logos (eek!). If anything looks off or if we have questions about your artwork, we'll be in touch asap to get it sorted out! Once your art is finalized, we'll email you a PDF proof of the artwork, and you'll need to sign off on it. The signed PDF proof is the final artwork that's sent to the factory for production, so please make sure to review it very carefully.
+ How do I set up my files and ensure that they're press ready?
The rules of thumb are: 1) Your artwork is built in layers in Adobe in Illustrator. 2) All colours in your artwork are built into the swatch panel and correctly labeled. 3) All artwork needs to be in vector form including logos and shapes. 4) All types needs to be "outlined" (made into vector shape form). 5) Raster images (.jpeg) need to be embedded into the file with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. 6) Artwork is sent to us as .ai or .pdf files. If you have questions about anything related to design set up, or would like access to our file set up check list, please email Lucy at