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The reason I made the choice for branded packaging is because I want my bakery to be filled with beautiful things, we work very hard to make our treats look as beautiful as they are delicious. So I want to package our cakes & macarons in boxes that are beautiful as well. We use our boxes as part of the decor in the store front, beautiful cake boxes & macaron boxes stacked on top of each other on our display wall, and cake boxes sitting on top of cake stands adds a pretty look to the aesthetics of our store. Our boxes are colored with our signature lavender color topped with gold foil, absolutely stunning. We have customers tell us that after the cake or macarons are gone, they save the boxes for keepsakes or find a reason to reuse them, They don't want to throw them away because they are so pretty. As a consumer, I pay a lot of attention to details in packaging. It definitely plays a factor in my decision to purchase something. So as a business owner I want consumers to be attracted to my products in that same way. It's very satisfying to present our treats to our customers in our beautiful packaging, to see them react to the box before we even reveal whats inside is always a pleasure to see. I feel the branded boxes have had an impact on our social media as well. We often use our packing in our instagram photos as a way to brand our image & of course to show off the beautiful boxes. We have also seen an increase in instagram users tagging us in their photos, and in turn we have seen an increase in our followers. Working with the Georgette team is always a pleasure. I love the website, it's very informative in the way it gives you price quotes according to the printing options & quantities that work for your budget. I think the Georgette team understands the impact of packaging & the power of social media images, they always have made great suggestions while we are tweaking the design of my boxes & I would absolutely recommend them to any bakery looking for branded packaging. Learn more