About Georgette


is to make exquisitely manufactured, branded packaging accessible to anybody who needs it. And to do so as affordably as possible, without compromising production quality.

If you’re in the food industry, or fashion, or cosmetics, or paper products, maybe you have a brick and mortar shop, or sell goods online - you’re probably highly aware of the critical role packaging has in building your brand, and growing sales. And if you’re big enough to have a packaging-purchasing expert on staff, you don’t need us! However, if sourcing packaging has felt like a process that lacks transparency, that’s difficult to understand, where pricing is tough to get, and manufacturers don’t want to work with you because you’re too small -- you’ve come to the right place.


Local bakeries need to stand out in a crowded market, by being recognizable, memorable, and getting customers excited to market on their behalf. Food presentation and packaging in particular is sweeping social media. The beautiful thing about packaging is that, when it’s nifty enough, it gets photographed and shared. The value of having each of your loyal fans share a shot to their hundreds (or thousands) of friends and followers is tremendous, and today, essential to remain competitive.


Every Georgette box is printed using lithographic printing presses. Remember learning about the Gutenberg press - one of the most influential technologies of the last 1,000 years? We use the modern equivalent. Lithographic presses are also known for producing the finest quality print in existence, with the truest colour matching possible, and the loveliest finishes. We can print text on the head of pin, and our inks produce the freshest pastels, fluorescents, or metallics. The printing resolution achieved by our presses is more detailed than the human eye can detect. Our metallic foils are hot-stamped, giving them a crisp, smooth finish. We print all our boxes on soft matte board, which has a charming, highly tactile, and very natural effect.

If you’re wondering why we don’t print using digital printing, which you may have heard of, the reason is that we simply care too much about colour and print quality. Digital printing yields considerably lower resolution; it results in a shinier, slightly plastic-looking finish, and most critically, you simply can’t get close to achieving the stunning colours our clients love and value. While this pickiness does limit our ability to print less than 500 boxes, we want to make boxes that we get excited about - that we gush over, and keep around the house, colours that we want to see in every shade of sunlight. It’s where the magic comes from.


We manufacture (in order of priority and volume): Canada, the United States, and China. In the same way that a local bakery can only exist if their neighbourhood supports them, we believe in supporting our local manufacturing sector. Plus, it makes financial and logistical sense. We choose manufacturing partners that are careful, highly skilled in the art of printing, treat their staff well, and work with us to make their craftsmanship more and more accessible and easy to understand. We also purchase all tooling on behalf of our clients (which saves each thousands upon thousands of dollars), and group manufacture - all of this contributes to making our prices some of the lowest available, partnered with the highest production and workforce standards.


I used to own a bakery myself. (I’m also a mechanical engineer). I could never understand why it was impossible to make my own branded packaging, when I could easily design a logo, built an e-commerce site, or order business cards online. As my competition grew, it became more and more important to differentiate ourselves, and to really be a brand our clients had a way to have fun with and share.

After selling my first business, I decided to do something about this problem. I spent a year based at a packaging manufacturing facility - I wanted to learn everything. I ran 100-year-old die-cutting machines, scooped great vats of ink into the presses, did 20-hour-long press approval shifts, gave chemical baths to many of the printing plates used for our customers’ boxes, visited paper suppliers, caught boxes coming off the folder-gluer and packed them into cartons, negotiated shipping rates, did pre-press technical checks, learned estimation, rode in the transport truck for days on end... I literally did every job I could at the factory.

Gradually, I’ve folded all this knowledge, plus my understanding of being a bakery owner, into a system that bridges the two worlds, and helps them work together. Thank you so much for actually reading this far and your interest in us!