Packaging & the environment

Packaging and the environment - Georgette Packaging

We want anybody who uses something made by Georgette Packaging to know where their packaging came from, what it's made of, and how to dispose of it in the most responsible way possible, given their community.

Our cardboard boxes are made in Ontario, Canada, using two different materials - kraft or white board. Pure white board is made using virgin fibre, and does not contain any recycled content (that's why it's so white!) Kraft board is made from 100% recycled board. The vast majority of municipalities recycle both types of board easily. They break down well, and are turned into pulp, which is then made into new boxes! The average box has gone through the recycling process 7 times. Kind of like a cat.

Our pastry bags are made in Canada, and our handle bags in the US. Both are manufactured using white or kraft paper and are easily recycled by most municipalities. The white paper bags are made from virgin (new) wood and the kraft bags are made from recycled paper.

Our cold cups are made in the US, and come in two materials; they're either made of PET, which is a type of recyclable plastic, or of Ingeo™ biopolymer, an American-grown PLA resin derived from plants - these are compostable in some communities. Plastic recyclable cups can be processed by most municipalities (check the recycling # on the cup against your town or city's guide to recycling). For compostable cups, these can only be broken down by a city's municipal compost system; they're not designed to be popped into your garden's compost bin. Lids come in both recyclable and compostable versions too.

Our hot cups are made in China; unfortunately, we haven't found a single factory in North America that can make small enough quantities of cups for our customers. They come in two versions: either 'regular' (which are made of board lined with a tiny amount of plastic - these are recyclable in some municipalities), and compostable, which require a municipal compost system. Hot cup lids are made of recyclable plastics, or compostable materials (it'll say which on the lid).

The inks we print with, and glues we use in our packaging are soy and vegetable based. We use water-based coatings to seal our inks.

If you have any questions about recycling or composting packaging, or how it's made and where it comes from, just holler!