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Design Services

$150 per hour

Thinking about design? Here at Georgette, we offer a full range of design services in-house to help turn your ideas into beautiful packaging.

No need to worry about trying to find your own designer, or spending hours learning design software yourself – we're available to help with everything from file formatting to full packaging design. Whether you just need to get your logo onto a cup or are looking for a whole suite of gorgeous, patterned boxes, we would love to work with you!

Packaging design is our speciality and we know all the tips, tricks and latest trends to ensure you're getting a design for your packaging which your customers will love. When your customers love your packaging, they want to show it off and that's great news for you!

Here are just a few examples of the work we've done for some of our customers. Our hourly rate of $150 means you only pay for the work you need and we can scale the project to suit you.

Have questions? Can't wait to get started? Want to chat through some ideas? Let us know! Get in touch with our designer, Lucy at lucy@georgettepackaging.com or 1.800.854.7770 for details.

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