Carbon Neutral Program

Georgette Packaging Carbon Neutral Program

Being environmentally conscious has always been a focus at Georgette Packaging. We've also heard from countless customers about the importance of prioritizing eco-friendly packaging options. Now, we're introducing a carbon neutral program to help our customers cut back on the staggering 2.57 million pounds of carbon that are released into our atmosphere every second.

What it is

Simply put, a carbon neutral program works to compensate for the carbon emissions created by an activity such as transportation, agriculture, or manufacturing. Most carbon programs operate in one of two ways: they provide funding to projects that reduce CO2 emissions, or they support tree planting efforts. 

We’re partnered with Less Emissions, Canada's highest-quality offset provider, to offer carbon offsetting options to our customers. You can choose to buy offsetting that will support either Gold Standard-certified International projects, or VER+ Standard-certified Canadian projects. No matter your choice, you'll be contributing to the hundreds of thousands of carbon dioxide emissions that are mitigated by Less projects annually.

How it works

Participation in our carbon neutral program is voluntary. The businesses we work with can choose to add the cost of carbon offsetting to their packaging order, to neutralize their carbon footprint. To get started, simply book a consultation! Let us know you’re interested in carbon neutral packaging, and we'll provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.

What affects the cost

Firstly, the cost of your carbon offset will be affected by the board type you use for your packaging. Kraft board requires 56% less energy to manufacture, making it cheaper to offset than virgin white board. Similarly, whether your packaging is made of paperboard or plastic will also affect your offsetting costs.

Transportation is another large consideration when it comes to offsetting costs. Most of our packaging is manufactured in North America, which helps to keep carbon emissions down. However, if your boxes have to bounce around a few times to have special features (such as a clear window) applied, then take the journey all the way to your storefront in Tuktoyaktuk, that's quite a few more tonnes of CO2 to offset. Similarly, if your packaging is manufactured in China, it has a long way to travel to make it to you: those miles add up. Your packaging could be transported by plane, container ship, transport truck, or train, all of which will have different carbon footprints.


Companies that choose to use our carbon neutral program will receive a few extra perks! If you offset your packaging, we will promote you as a carbon neutral customer on our website and our Instagram (17.9K followers). We will also provide you with stickers and signs for your storefront to help inform your customers about your environmental commitment, and add a small note to your packaging that states it is carbon neutral. We've got a few other surprises up our sleeves, too...

Getting started

As business owners, we have the opportunity to take on more responsibility when it comes to sustainability. The choices we make for our companies affect thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. We've seen the impact one business can have by publicly taking a stand for better environmental practices. Be that business. Get in touch to learn how you can start offering carbon neutral packaging.


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