Carbon Neutral Program

Carbon Neutral Program Georgette Packaging

Being environmentally conscious has always been a focus at Georgette Packaging. We've also heard from countless customers about the importance of prioritizing eco-friendly packaging options. Now, we've decided to double down on our environmental efforts by making absolutely all of the packaging we produce fully carbon neutral. 

What does this mean?

Simply put, this means we will be purchasing carbon offsets to neutralize the emissions created by our packaging. Carbon offsetting works to compensate for the carbon emissions created by an activity such as transportation, agriculture, or manufacturing. Most carbon programs operate in one of two ways: they provide funding to projects that reduce CO2 emissions, or they support tree planting efforts. 

Of course, not every carbon offset is created equal. (You can learn more about that right here). We're aiming to focus on projects like solar and wind, that are actively reducing emissions being created right now. We want to ensure that we are funding projects that would not otherwise have occurred, ensuring that we are truly neutralizing the carbon footprint of our packaging.

For a better planet

As business owners, we have the opportunity to take on more responsibility when it comes to sustainability. The choices we make for our companies affect thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. We've seen the impact one business can have by publicly taking a stand for better environmental practices. Be that business. Get in touch to get a consultation started on your new carbon neutral packaging. 

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